Thursday, December 2, 2010

Funk Rockin' It

I know it's sad that so many of my posts have been about dealing with stink issues. There is so much to love about cloth diapering, but isn't it always the hard stuff and stress we tend to talk about more? I'll try to be better about blogging the good stuff too, but, for now, I'm still on the stink.

I ordered a bag of the new Funk Rock, from Rockin' Green. This detergent is "guaranteed to knock out your ammonia problems in 30 minutes or less (or your pizza’s free!)"

My biggest problem diapers are my BG AIOs. They are my favorite diapers, so I hate that I have a problem with them. But I think it's because the microfiber is harder to get cleaned/rinsed because it is on the inside. I have started turning them inside out for the final rinse.

My de-Funk:

  • Washed them all with my regular process, using Hard Rock.
  • Turned them inside out and Rocked a Soak overnight.
  • Washed according to Funk Rock instructions.
  • Dried
Cross your fingers...


Mommy "S" said...

how did it turn out? I'm dying to try a Funk Rock, but I don't think mine need it yet! Maybe I'll try it on my rugs or something...

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Cynthia said...

I forgot I didn't update this post. It worked! Everything smells great, but I do have to add that extra step of turning the BG AIOs inside out for the final rinse.

Mama Ash said...

Thanks for following me at

I have hadn't much luck with RNG, I just use Eco Nuts and find them more reliable :)
Love your blog!

Cynthia said...

@Mama Ash I have never heard of Eco Nuts before - I'm looking at their website now.

Do you use a smaller amount for CDs?