Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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I have a couple of friends who are pregnant and thinking about cloth diapering. There are many reasons to cloth diaper, but for both of them I think it's the money-saving that is the most enticing. When I have people asking me such specific questions about the process, what to get, laundry, etc., it really makes me think about each aspect of cloth diapers more carefully than I would otherwise.

I guess I can't honestly say it's just as easy as disposables, but I think the extra work of laundry is so little compared to all the benefits. And the few times I use disposables and Little Man ends up with poop all up is back? It just reminds me that I actually handle messy poop less with cloth diapers than I did with disposables.

My initial reason for cloth diapering was for environmental reasons. I had people tell me that it doesn't end up helping the environment because of the water you use to wash them, but after doing my own research I just didn't find that to be true. I won't get into all of that here, but I'll just say that water is a renewable resource and, for now, is readily available where I live. And just the thought of all of those chemical-laden disposable diapers sitting in a landfill for an estimated 500-700 years? Cloth diapers are definitely better for our environment.

Now that I have been cloth diapering for awhile, I have so many wonderful reasons to cloth diaper, and I know we made the right decision for our family.

  • Saves money
  • Better for the environment
  • Better for baby's bum
  • No harsh chemicals lying around those family jewels
  • No more blowouts
  • It's fun
  • Fluffy bums are cute

Why did you start cloth diapering and what are your favorite reasons for sticking with it?


Mommy "S" said...

Also, it takes water to make disposable diapers. Its just that they don't see that whereas you use the water so you see it. I read a study (wish I had bookmarked it so I could find it again) that said that it is just about the same amount of water if you have an he machine, and only slightly more if you have a non-he machine. So the water basically evens out so they can't blame water usage on you and not themselves ;-)

I cloth diaper for cost (and most of our diapers have been given to us!), also because it is so cute! and mostly because it is sooo much better for your baby. When Baby "S" was born, we had her in disposables because her cloth OS's didn't fit her...not even close! She got a terrible chemical burn from the sposies (and we used two different kinds!). We put her in cloth at 3.5wks old even though they were still pretty big and we haven't looked back. That terrible burn and hearing her poor cry every. single. time. she dirtied a diaper was simply awful. And then to think that I did that to her! Cloth it is!! (plus, cloth is sooo easy!!)

Mommy "S" said...

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