Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spray that Poop: Musings on a diaper sprayer

When I started using cloth diapers, my son was still exclusively breastfed, so his poop washed right out so easily. When we first started solids, the poop was still washing out easily, and I still didn't feel the need for a sprayer. As days of solids moved into weeks of solids (and more food actually went down the hatch than on the floor) I started to see the benefit that having a diaper sprayer might have. Someone referred to it as peanut butter - stuck on that diaper, making your wash routine work that much harder to get those diapers clean.

I caved in, admitting I needed a sprayer, and spent the money. As I waited for the sprayer, I still wondered how a light spray would really help get that poop off. And then it arrived...

Holy Batman, that thing can spray! I quickly learned to hold the diaper as far into the toilet as I could after I ended up with poop sprayed all over the toilet, on the floor, and on me. I try to hold all the ends of the diaper together, as if making a parachute, and then spray as close to the water as I can. Sometimes I still have to wipe around the toilet rim, but that's better than around the bathroom.

No more poop languishing on diapers in our house - that diaper sprayer is a magic wand.

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