Monday, August 2, 2010

The final step in disposing of disposables: Cloth Wipes

I've been using some cloth wipes off and on for about a month now. A week ago my box of disposable wipes was about to be finished and rather than refilling it, I said, "Enough is enough." To cloth wipes we go...

Thanks to Dirty Diaper Laundry, I folded my wipes in that pop-up effect, placed them in the wipes container, filled a spray bottle with water, and we were ready to go.

I don't use a wipes solution at this point (although I've learned from experience not to say I won't do that). I just spritz one end with water, wipe with the wet end first, and then pat dry with the dry end.

Since I'm just starting with cloth wipes, I don't have any particularly useful insight, but overall I like them better than disposables. Using disposable wipes with cloth diapers was a bit of a pain in the tush, if you'll pardon my pun. I had to use the wipe and then have a little trash can in which to throw it away, while then dealing with the dirty diaper separately. Now I can throw the wipe right in with the dirty diaper; one less step. It's nice that the wipe easily wipes up the ickiness in one fell swoop. The cloth wipes are also much thicker than the disposables, so I don't feel like I'm getting poop on my hands or that they will break through. In fairness, I used low-end, inexpensive, store-brand wipes, so I'm sure the more expensive, quilted wipes were much thicker.

Right now my biggest issue is the softness on Little Man's tush. Even with the store-brand disposable wipes I was using, they were soft and maneuvered nicely as I wiped. I have two brands of wipes I've bought and the fabric is just not as soft as I would like it to be. I'd be happy to review other kinds of wipes to find what I like best, but I'm just not able to buy many brands to find just the right one.

What is your favorite brand of cloth wipe?
Do you use a wipes solution? If so, which one?

3 comments: said...

I have been liking the Gro Via wipes and my handmade flannel wipes. Glad you found the tutorial useful, thanks for sharing it with your readers!


Heather said...

i don't know how many times i found a washed disposable wipes in my dryer stuck to a diaper. lol. I made my own wipes out of flannel i already had and i bought a cheap spray bottle at target. i mix baby oil, baby wash and water and spray it on the wipe. i don't know why i didn't think of it earlier in my cloth diaper journey!

Amber said...

I love the wipes I make for my cloth diaper company. They are bamboo velour and so incredibly soft.
I use a wipes warmer to store the wipes in, and I make my own wipes solution out of water, a small squirt of baby wash, and a few drops of essential oils (my fav. is tea tree oil and lavender).