Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cloth Diapers: Take Two

I had planned on using cloth right from the start, but motherhood was overwhelming for me at first. I was dealing with my feelings from a birth that went so differently than I had hoped, and we struggled to get nursing going. I tried the cloth diapers several times, but just couldn't get it to work for me, so I decided not to do it.

Now that we are further into Little Man's life, I am excited to say I am starting cloth diapering again. When he was first born we used the prefolds and covers, but I didn't like those. So we are going with pockets and AIOs this time. I am having such fun choosing which ones to try. I have bought 1 of many different kinds so that I can see what I like. When you purchase at Jillian's Drawers, you can try the diaper for 30 days, and if you don't like it, return it (stain-free) for a full refund. Such a great way to try different brands!
I'm a bit obsessed at the moment and can see how this will become even more of an obsession for me. I love looking through the various cloth diapering blogs, reading about different kinds, and what people have done to find what works best for their babies. So far I frequent the various sections of Diaper Shops, especially Kelly's Closet. And I love their blog, The Cloth Diaper Whisperer. I also just troll the web, looking for deals, reviews, and discussions.
Here are the diapers I am trying:
BumGenius One Size 3.0
BumGenius Deluxe AIO
FuzziBunz One Size
GroBaby One Size
Flip One Size
GoodMama Good.Nite
Bummis (Tots Bot) Easy Fit
GoodNight Heavy Wetter
As I try them, I will jump on the cloth diapering review bandwagon and write my own little reviews.

One of Little Man's first cloth diaper pics:


hannah said...

I wish I had found your blog before I started cloth diapering! I'm a newbie cloth diaperer and blogger; I just started both a few weeks ago. I'm enjoying reading your blog so far. Keep up the good work!

hannah said...

Also, I love the name Kilian! It was one of my favorites before I got pregnant. We went with another Irish/Celtic name, Finley!